I am a 17 year old girl and I found out I’m pregnant almost two weeks ago and I didn’t think anything of it I just knew I couldn’t have a kid yet. I had set up an appointment for termination that same week. However, now that I didn’t go because I had something else that was more urgent to attend to I haven’t been able to find it in myself to go and go through with it. I know that I have to, but it really hurts me because I’m supposed to take care of my first child and i will be doing the complete opposite. \

My first baby in the future won’t really be my first, this one is and i can’t shake the thought of, “if this or what if that.” What if I could actually do it and give my kid the life they deserve instead of deciding to take that chance away? I’m just stuck. It’s only been two weeks since i found out as i mentioned already in this, but I’m already so attached.