I had an abortion in February 2016, when I was 26 years old. I was nearly 10 weeks pregnant, and my boyfriend and I had been dating for three months. Through the resources available through Planned Parenthood, I elected to have a medication abortion. I’ve told my immediate family and a handful of friends, but I know that if I want to continue having a good relationship with my boyfriends family, then I will never tell them. It’s probably that deception that bothers me the most, nearly two years later. I was terrified when I bought a pregnancy test, terrified while I waited for its results, terrified when I made an appointment at PP, terrified during the ultrasound, terrified when I told my sisters, terrified when I took the medication.

In all my imagined scenarios of an unintentional pregnancy, I couldn’t imagine life continuing. It seemed like the ultimate f*** up, a point of no return. The truth is that it was terrifying and grievous, but the world keeps turning I spent about four months being really angry at myself, but have started to be at peace and reconcile not only my abortion, but the abortion of millions of women. I am grateful that i live in a time and place where I was able to decide how my body should be used and what my life should look like. Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience. 🙂