Hi, I am 28 and I had an abortion about 5 days ago. I was fine with the choice at first even the day I left the clinic. Today I when got off work and attempted to go to sleep I began having an emotional breakdown. My partner acted as if he didn’t understand. He moved as far as possible away from me in the bed. So now I just feel empty and alone. I was 12 weeks pregnant. Now I can’t think about nothing but my babies heartbeat stopping. I let them throw my baby away like trash.

The reason I did it was selfish. I just didn’t want to be pregnant. I looked at it as set back. I can’t stop crying. This is my punishment I guess and the person I wanted to show care and concern just pushed me away. I don’t understand what this is because I seemed fine a few days ago but now I’m just heartbroken. I guess I repressed it and didn’t know it.