I’m going to tell my story backwards. I know that may sound unusual but then nothing about my life has been” usual.”

I became pregnant with my ninth child, yes ninth child, one in heaven and eight on the earth, when I was 44. He was a fairly easy pregnancy, but a week before he was born, I had a horrible dream that he was born with Down’s syndrome. When i told my doctor, she said,” Oh really, that’s great, my system has Down’s syndrome, and she is the nicest person i know! He was not born with Down’s s syndrome.

My eighth child, a daughter is seven years older than the ninth and i always thought if she wasn’t a person, she would make a good cat!! I Don’t think cats bake though and we cannot live without her cinnamon rolls.

Number seven went to be with Jesus before he or her got to know any of us. It was a spontaneous abortion, and we await the day we see him or her in glory.

Number six .is an absolute jewel of jewels. Born at home, on purpose, and in her bag of waters, she is just special beyond words, and she is an ultrasound tech and she does ultrasounds of babies for a living!

Baby five grew up as the most extroverted person I know, in a very introverted family. He is our soldier.

Number four begins his first day as a true medical doctor tomorrow. His second child was born on his first day of medical school and he graduated residency with five!!
Number three has my hair color, darn brown, the only one! And he is the sweetest, just like his mom of course.

Number two is our first son -and our most dependable of dependable.

And number one, well she’s a spitfire, she is nothing, nothing like her mom! We are utter and complete opposites in almost every area of life!
I say all this to say, children are an utter and complete blessing from God. They grow up and give you so much blessing and grandchildren!

Grieve the one you lost, I wish you could go back, but you can’t; but you can choose life and light and Jesus and He will help you through. I promise!!