Earlier this year, Operation Rescue released a special report on Steven Chase Brigham. If you don’t know who Steven Chase Brigham is, the title of the report will give it away. Steven Chase Brigham is the worst abortionist in America. For those who don’t know, an abortionist is someone who performs an abortion to prevent the birth of a child. The Stacy Zallie Foundation is dedicated to fighting abortionists who hold little regard for after abortion care, and Steven Chase Brigham is on the top of that list.

Steven Chase Brigham is in a league of his own when it comes to shady practices. He is a disgraced abortionist form New Jersey. He does not have a valid medical license in any state, but he operates a chain of at least 13 abortion clinics across the East Coast of the United States.  Those clinics fall under the American Women’s Services banner, and they are located or have been located in Maryland, New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, and Washington DC.

While other abortion chains can be suspect, Steven Chase Brigham takes the cake. The Operation Rescue report says that Steven Chase Brigham has been guilty of the following misconduct:

  • He lied about his abortion training credentials. The truth is that he has none.
  • He has been linked with criminal conduct.
  • He has had his license revoked by multiple states on multiple occasions.
  • He has participated in deceptive practices to cut corners.
  • His clinics have botched abortions.
  • A patient has died at one of his clinics.
  • There have been multiple health and safety violations reported in his clinics.
  • He has been accused of financial malfeasance and fraud.

Troy Newman is the President of Operation Rescue. He had the following to say about the report

“If we understand how the Abortion Cartel operates, we can learn how to defeat it. Steven Chase Brigham is the poster boy for their abuses. Like the case of Kermit Gosnell, Brigham’s story exposes the broken regulatory system that allows – and even trains – abortion hucksters like Brigham to exploit loopholes and evade accountability. It is a cautionary tale that we ignore at our own peril, if we are to ever end abortion in America.”

If you haven’t had the chance to read the report or read other publications by Cheryl Sullenger, we highly encourage you to do so to learn more about this frightening man and how he is destroying the lives of young women and their families. You can read the report here.