Earlier in June, Candace Cooley was exposed by OperationRescue.org for her past criminal record, which included multiple speeding tickets, two DUI charges, and three medical malpractice cases. In June 2016, Cooley was charged with child abuse charges but the case was dropped. In fact, her Florida Department of Health medical license profile shows no evidence of discipline whatsoever.

This is even a little more curious as Candace Cooley works at American Family Planning in Pensacola, Florida, which is a member of Steven Brigham’s American Women’s Services abortion chain. American Family Planning has passed all inspections despite well-documented evidence of Brigham’s shoddy practices in the present and in the past.

This is not the first time Brigham has found himself embroiled in controversy. Last year, Steven Brigham, an abortionist who had already had his license suspended in several states and had been arrested for the murder of over 30 late-term babies, had his license suspended yet again in the state of Virginia.

According to the Virginia Health Department, a two-day inspection of a Fairfax Clinic owned by Brigham under the American’s Women’s Services umbrella violated multiple health regulations. The violations included dirty equipment, expired drugs, unlicensed medical personnel, and haphazard storage of patient records.

It isn’t hyperbole to say that a woman could die not receiving the proper post-abortion care at one of Brigham’s clinics. According to the inspection by Virginia Health Department, the clinic did not have sutures to treat a woman’s cervical injury. Another woman was sent to the emergency room for prolonged bleeding, and a bloodstained gown was found hung ready for reuse.

Before Virginia, Steven Brigham lost his New Jersey license after it was discovered that he was performing illegal late-term abortions. He was ordered to sell the seven clinics he owned in that state. These and the incident in Florida are indicative of the type of treatment and type of people who administer that treatment in these unsavory clinics. If you have been the victim of Brigham or other abortionists, please know that there are abortion support groups out there available to help.