As a result of the letter written by seventeen members of the Maryland House of Delegates, officials at the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (finally) started inspecting the abortuaries to whom they granted licenses. Said Health Secretary Joshua Sharfstein to the Baltimore Sun, “the department is proceeding on the schedule it originally proposed, which called for issuing licenses in early 2013, followed by inspections. He said the system is working as it should.”

So if I understand Mr. Sharfstein correctly, the “schedule” calls for issuance of licenses before ascertaining whether or not the facilities meet the standards prerequisite for those licenses? Whatever happened to “safety for women”? As far as “the system working as it should”, that’s utter bullcrap (pardon the “french” but sometimes delicacy must yield to accuracy), given not only Jennifer Morbelli’s death in February, but that of another woman in Baltimore who died at another prematurely-licensed abortuary in Baltimore. That woman died of cardiac arrest and it was discovered that the defibrillator on hand was non-functional – and the abortionist was not cpr-certified.

This second woman died at Associates in OB/GYN Care on North Calvert Street in Baltimore. The Department suspended its license, as well as two other abortuaries that are also called Associates in OB/GYN Care; those locations are in Cheverly and Silver Spring. Here is the website for the Silver Spring location. Note that all three of these seem to be under the umbrella of American Women’s Services. This network is connected with Steven Chase Brigham. Here is previously-published information about his chequered careeer.

This Silver Spring abortuary is at 9801 Georgia Avenue – the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Forest Glen Road. Please note that this abortuary is not to be confused with Ob/Gyn Associates located at 1400 Forest Glen Road, the campus of Holy Cross Hospital. The inversion of words in their names and their physical proximity can be confusing (deliberately so?).
Now let’s see the Department get around to inspecting Germantown Reproductive Health Services and some of the other hell-holes.

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