When you rent out your facilities to a doctor for his practice, you would expect him to pay his rent and, at the very least, keep the place clean. Steven Chase Brigham did neither, which is a surprise to really no one. Operation Rescue posted a story about Steven Chase Brigham’s eviction from a Delaware office after failing to pay his rent – he had $37,000 in back rent.

As you might know, Steven Chase Brigham is a disgraced abortionist who has had his license suspended in multiple states for violating multiple regulations and laws, including performing late-term abortions that put the mother at risk. He also did not provide the post-abortion care to patients, which is crucial for their health. The story at the Delaware office building where Brigham rented office space was no different.

Dr. Parham Farhi had rented office space to Steven Chase Brigham, thinking nothing of it. He didn’t know that Brigham was going to operate an abortion clinic in the office. Brigham eventually was threatened by the state of a shutdown as the facilities were below-standard. Brigham agreed to halt surgical abortions, but he continued with medication abortions, which have a significant failure rate.

Even with money generated from the medication abortions, Steven Chase Brigham was unable to keep up with his rent, and he was evicted. This is when Dr. Farhi learned the true horrors of what was going on in the office space he had rented out to Brigham. He allowed two pro-life activists to check out the space Brigham left, and they were all horrified at what they saw.

There were dirty walls, trash everywhere, and the floors were filthy. They also noticed an ObGyn procedure chair that they described as looking as if it had come from a B-movie film horror set. According to the post from Operation Rescue, Steven Chase Brigham has moved on and is now operating an abortion clinic in an office space in Washington D.C. If you know someone who has had an abortion and is now suffering from depression or physical issues, please don’t hesitate to point them in the direction of abortion support groups in their area for post-abortion care.