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Authorities in New Jersey are seeking to suspend or revoke the medical license of a doctor accused of ferrying patients to Maryland to complete late-term

Dr. Steven Brigham has already been cited for practicing medicine without a license in Maryland. On Wednesday, the New Jersey Attorney General’s office filed a complaint accusing him of illegally
performing late-term abortions.

Brigham was not authorized to abort fetuses older than 14 weeks in New Jersey. Maryland law does not specifically restrict second-trimester abortions.

New Jersey authorities accuse Brigham of initiating abortions for three patients in Voorhees, then leading them in a caravan to Elkton, Md., where the procedures were concluded. Documents show
another physician botched the abortion of one of those patients, forcing her to undergo emergency surgery.

On Wednesday, attorneys for two doctors whose licenses have been suspended after a botched abortion said their clients will be vindicated.

Dr. Nicola Riley and Dr. George Shepard were scheduled to appear before the Maryland Board of Physicians, but neither showed up. Riley’s attorneys asked for a postponement of the hearing, which was granted. Shepard’s attorney did not appear before the board, and Shepard’s suspension was upheld.

Both were employees of Brigham.

The Board of Physicians says Riley botched the abortion and critically injured the 18-year-old patient.

Riley’s attorney, Christopher Brown, says there are two sides to the story. Shepard’s attorney, Jason Allison, says his client’s license should be reinstated.