Blackwood, New Jersey, December 4, 2009 – The Stacy Zallie Foundation (, a site where women can find post-abortion information and related counseling help, recently improved the usability and resources on its Web site. Foundation founder, George J. Zallie, hopes the site’s enhancements will enable more women to find the right post-abortive outlets for them. The site hosts pages to find counselors, an associated blog, and links to another support Web site, Abortion Changes You, which also offers counselor resources and diary-like stories from women and men who have experienced abortion.

The site offers many informational options. Information related to post-abortion counseling resources stems from the Web site’s homepage. In addition, a search box at the upper right-hand corner of the homepage allows women to insert their zip code to find resources in their immediate area. “I want the site to be known as a place where women can find the help they desire,” states George J. Zallie. “The site functions in conjunction with Abortion Changes You site, which also offers a large number of resources as well as first-hand stories from women who have had an abortion. Abortion Changes You seeks to help women in the same manner as the Stacy Zallie Foundation. I am happy some of their site’s applications are available to our site’s visitors.”

The newly-enhanced Web site also features a blog, a page to find past and upcoming news about the organization, and a page to place donations to the Stacy Zallie Foundation. The blog will feature post-abortion facts and associated information. The ‘In the Press’ section will feature past and future foundation-related news such as the Celebrity Golf Outing, which took place in September.

George J. Zallie is resolute in regards to The Stacy Zallie Foundation’s mission. “We want to facilitate the well-being and happiness of women,” informs Zallie. “I understand abortion is a highly-sensitive issue, which produces many and varying sentiments; but, The Stacy Foundation wants to help all women, therefore, it has no political, religious, or ethical agendas. We solely exist to help.”

The Stacy Zallie Foundation’s mission is to facilitate the well-being and happiness of women who have undergone an abortion. Our Web site ( offers resources and post-abortive stories to help women cope with potential, present-and-ongoing mental and emotional challenges. Our sole purpose is to promote the joyous and well-adjusted lives of women; we do not foster any political, religious, or ethical implications. The Stacy Zallie Foundation exists to help.